The Poowong Pickers Festival is a town garage sale trail. It’s about environmental responsibility, community, lots of fun, and the thrill of the hunt!

The event is in it’s fifth year and is held in the town of Poowong in the rolling hills of South Gippsland, as part of the National Garage Sale Trail event in October each year.

In 2017, the event will be held from 8.30am – 2pm on Saturday 21st October. 

In previous years, 30 – 50 sellers all around Poowong have opened their garage doors to sell items they no longer need.

Visit the town for some fun, fresh air and exercise as you make your way from home to home looking for those bargains!

What makes this event so great?

  • Items are diverted from landfill and get reused
  • People delight in other’s unneeded stuff
  • Decluttering helps eliminate stress – its true!
  • Meet the neighbours, fellow bargain hunters and other interesting characters
  • It raises money for many local community groups, including the Poowong Consolidated School
  • Sellers can make extra cash to pay down debt or participate in a new experience

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  1. Good morning. This is a fabulous idea and I would love to bring all our goodies to sell… if there might be someone I could link into within the Poowong area please…. as we do not live in your area. Would appreciate the opportunity to be involved. Kindly, Margie

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